#16 80% women, 20% men

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3 November 2021

I’m sure that’s not quite the application that Pareto had in mind when he identified the 80/20 rule, but I’m employing some creative licence here (again), as it summed up my experience of attending a singles night. (I’ve noticed that various challenges from my friends have an underlying theme of trying to lose my single status, which is cool because I’d really like to meet a lovely man.)

Anyway, in the interests of career development, I spent a couple of hours shadowing the gorgeous Leanne Brown and the splendiferous Baz Richards as they broadcast their Brooklands Radio show a couple of weeks back. While off air, we were discussing my challenges and the fact that one of my friends has challenged me to ask someone out on a date, and Leanne set me a challenge there and then to attend a singles night being organised by a previous studio guest they’d had.

I tried to find a mate to take with me – I even asked a couple of single male friends because taking them with me would enable me to get in for free (LOL!) Now, I’ll refer you back to the title of this piece; this was probably my first clue…

A solo adventure

Alas, it was to be a solo adventure, but I figured I’d be more inclined to actually talk to new people if I went on my own, so off I went!

As I was walking up to the entrance of the venue, an “older” bloke was lurking on the doorstep with a pint in his hand from the pub opposite and he literally asked the bouncer: “What’s it like, then? Are there any fit birds in there?” He wasn’t attending the event, he was just being nosy. And, frankly, mate, you weren’t much of a catch, so any “fit birds” would have given you a wide birth, I’m sure.

Dear God!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to any kind of speed dating or singles event, and now I remember why. I love meeting new people from all walks of life; in my line of work, I meet new people all the time, but I really don’t like it when there’s an expectation of finding a date. The ‘meat market’ element is just not fun. Plus, and I’ll refer back to my title again, the women outnumbered the men by about four to one! Maybe the bloke outside would have been successful, after all.

Visual assessment

It’s hard in that environment not to assess someone just on their looks. It’s fascinating how many judgements we make based on the way someone is dressed or the shape of their face, or their hairdo (or lack of it). We were all doing it; no one escaped that visual assessment, and I just got really shy, which is not like me at all.

I’d love to be able to report that I met ‘Mr Right for Shelle’, but, sadly, that wasn’t to be. I did make a new girl friend though, and bumped into another girl friend I’ve not see for a while, so it wasn’t all bad.

Onwards and upwards!

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