#15 Chubby bunnies

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31 October 2021

I wondered how long it would take before an eating challenge would come along. I mean, any self-respecting fundraising challenge involves trying to fit too many of some kind of food in your mouth, right?

Jaz Hall and her Chubby Bunny challenge to the rescue!

This basically involved 15 large marshmallows that I had to stuff in my mouth without chewing, and after each one, I had to say ‘chubby bunny’.

Jaz adjudicated, while her mum Jayne (you’ll remember her from the leg shaving challenge) watched on in hysterics, and took copious photos!

Now, I don’t know whether you’ve ever tried to stuff 15 marshmallows in your mouth at the same time (I mean, why would you?), but it’s physically impossible. I even tried squishing them down and manually forcing them into my cheeks but I still couldn’t do it. And, certainly, once I got past four, I couldn’t speak!

So, I employed some creative licence and completed the challenge in three “stuffings”, as it were.

Marshmallows in my cheeks

I honestly haven’t laughed so much in ages, which was incredibly good for the soul. I mean I just couldn’t keep a straight face, and not just because of the marshmallows in my cheeks. Jaz fully embraced the challenge. In fact, I’d say she revelled in it!

Someone suggested that the pink ones count as two – my goodness, I wish I’d known that before I started! Heehee!

After spitting out all 15 marshmallows, I then scoffed a couple of appease my tastebuds’ need for sugar.

All good harmless fun, and all for a great cause!

PS. The orange ball is because I forgot my Alzheimer’s Research UK t-shirt and I had to have something orange in the photos (ARUK corporate colours, and all that).

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