#14 Bring on the suds!

Written by Shelle

October 23, 2021

You’d think that doing the washing up before going to bed at night would be easy, right?

Like, why on earth am I even talking about it? And, where’s the challenge here?

Well, I’m generally quite a tidy person but I’m intrinsically quite lazy (I blame my Mum!) So, it’s something of a standing joke amongst my friends that I let the washing up build up, sometimes for days at a time…

Goodness! Did I really admit that on here? Eek!

Anyway, my good pal Louise (of 50 sit ups a day fame) chuckled as she set me a second challenge to, and I quote, “wash up every day for one week, leaving nothing to be washed up the following morning, not even a wine glass.” She knew that this would be more difficult for me to achieve than jumping out of a plane!

A false start

Just to prove the point, I actually had a false start a couple of weeks ago, where I managed three days in a row then fell off the wagon. But, this time, I’m delighted to claim victory.

She didn’t say anything about drying up, so I just left it to drip dry then put it away the next morning 🙂

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