#23 Love is in the air… or is it?

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30 March 2022

The very first challenge I was set back in July 2021 was from my friend Launa. She requested that I ask someone out for a coffee or a drink. She didn’t just mean anyone; this had to be a man – a man with dating potential.

Oh heck!

I make notoriously bad decisions when it comes to love, and often attract attention from all the wrong kinds of men. In fact, such is the disastrous nature of my love life that it took me seven months to even meet someone that might vaguely be considered datable…

Valentine’s Day was fast approaching, and that seemed like a good opportunity to jump on the love bandwagon so, in a moment of brave abandon, I went for it. I asked out a guy I’d been connected to through mutual interests for a while but who I’d not met in person.

The occasional adventure

I was up front about the fact my invitation was connected to a challenge but we agreed we had a lot in common, and life was too short not to go on the occasional adventure.

On the train to meet him in central London, I admit to feeling a mixture of nervous and excited. I spent a few minutes wondering if this was a step too far in the crazy stakes, but it was too late to back out now – he was already waiting under the clock at Waterloo!

All was well and we had a lovely evening of drinks, dinner and easy conversation. Alas, I’m not able to report that I met the love of my life, but we’ll definitely continue a friendship.

Meanwhile, I may just have found the perfect partner – see photo! Hahahaha! (He didn’t last long…)

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