#8 Get down on the floor and give me ten burpees!

Written by Shelle

September 20, 2021

In a quest to improve my health and lose some weight in time for my 50th birthday, I started seeing a personal trainer once or twice a week at the beginning of 2021. Her name is Hannah, and she’s become a mate along the way.

At the end of one session in the sunshine, whilst I was full of endorphins and feeling amazing, we hatched a plan to create a PT challenge that I would complete in a couple of weeks’ time. She was to set me 50 exercises, and I had to do 10 reps of each one, back to back.

Sounded pretty straight forward. I thought I might rope some mates into joining me but, funnily enough, no one appeared in the park on the day! Hats off to Sarah Heron and Caroline Clay, who both vowed to do the same challenge in their corners of the country. (I would point out that at the time of writing, I’ve yet to see photographic evidence – or any evidence, for that matter – of their attempt at the challenge…)

Bucketing down

Anyway, the day arrived and I was taking it all in my stride, until I opened the curtains and realised it was bucketing down with rain (that’s the polite version). Urgh! I’m most definitely a dry weather exerciser, and would usually opt for a zoom session at the merest hint of rain.

Not this time, though. A challenge is a challenge, and the rain would make it more worthwhile.

From tricep dips and side lunges to mountain climbers and plank taps, Hannah truly got creative with the 50 different exercises. She even made me finish with 50 skips!

And, trust me, there’s nothing pleasant about doing sit ups and ab crunches on a soggy rubber mat on soggy grass wearing soggy clothes.

This one didn’t come from a specific challenger, so I’ve allocated it to Georgie Smith for her generous donation. Thanks, Georgie x

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