#10 Abs? What abs?

Written by Shelle

October 5, 2021

Oh there they are! Seven days of 50 sit ups a day ensured I located my abdominal muscles and made them scream, just a little bit!

When my friend Louise challenged me to this mini fitness task, it seemed pretty straightforward. I’ve been seeing a PT since January, as you know, so I was getting used to this exercise malarkey.

Actually, the biggest challenge was remembering to do the sit ups every day! I must confess, I missed a couple of days, so then did 100 the next day to make up for it.

Louise was with me whilst I was waiting for my sky dive, so we did a bit of multi-tasking and went to a corner of the airfield so she could oversee that day’s sit up contribution. Well played, Louise.

I finished them during a PT session with Hannah, completing 100 in two stints, and then did an extra one for luck!

I’ll post some videos to my social media pages in due course.

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