#35 What a mezz(e)!

Written by admin

10 August 2022

When I appeared on Steph’s Packed Lunch back in June, I met the boys from BOSH! They are Henry and Ian; vegan chefs with a huge following. We were chatting after the show and they offered to set me a challenge. Now, I’m certified as the world’s worst cook, so having to produce anything to a recipe was going to be a challenge and a half. But I was keen to give it a whirl so I tracked them down on Instagram and sent them the link to my JustGiving page.

Sure enough, they were true to their word, made a donation and set me a challenge to make their Mezze Cake. They also asked me to share a photo of the end result on Instagram so they could share it with their followers.

A few weeks later, I got myself all organised with ingredients and paraphernalia, and invited some friends round for dinner. There was no turning back!

Inspired by the boys’ recipe video, I took photos of the layers as I created them and made a funky little video montage, which you can see on my YouTube channel.

A few little hiccups

I have to confess to a few little hiccups along the way, but nothing major. It’s actually a really straightforward recipe to follow, and OH MY, it’s truly delicious!

I’d gathered together a selection of Lebanese/Greek dishes, such as giant beans, stuffed vine leaves, baked feta cheese, etc, to snack on as a starter, and they complimented the Mezze Cake really well. I’m not going to lie; the Prosecco also went down a treat.

Did my friends enjoy it? 100%

Would I make it again? Absolutely yes!

Did I surprise myself that I managed to make something edible? Hell, yes!

Am I now a proficient chef? Not at all!

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