#20 Ohm…

Written by Shelle

January 12, 2022

OK, that was a cheap shot at a title, simply because this is a challenge involving meditation.

The lovely Sylvia Holder, a regular attendee at my community singing group Vocal Tonix, decided to set me a ‘nice’ challenge – something that was wholesome and kind, and didn’t involve adrenalin or nerves. I was grateful for this so we discussed introducing a new habit that would be good for me, and encourage me to improve my self-care.

Thus followed the challenge to meditate for a minimum of ten minutes every day for a week.

Subconsciously absorbing positive messages

Can you believe I actually had a false start? Such is my lack of discipline, I managed two days and then fell off the wagon! Anyway, I got back on it, and developed a routine of listening to a meditation in the evening before going to sleep or in the afternoon in a moment of calm. It’s lovely. I sometimes drift off, but I feel like I’m still subconsciously absorbing positive messages and affirmations.

And the best thing is that I’ve continued past the seven days. Perhaps not every day, but regularly enough to feel like meditating has become a part of my daily life. I use the Insight Timer app and I try different meditations depending on how I’m feeling. There are oodles of free options on there; they vary in length, depth and area of thinking to target.

Good practice

As a side note, I’ve also got better at using my 365 Gratitude app on a daily basis. It gives you a thought-provoking prompt each day to initiate a journaling exercise and then invites you to celebrate three things you’re grateful for that have happened in the previous 24 hours. I’ve had the subscription for a while but have been a bit hit and miss about completing it daily. It’s very beneficial, though, so a good practice to get into.

So, all in all, I’ve improved my self-care habits, and long may it last! Thanks, Sylvia.

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